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Hi my name is Ron my Previous callsign was VE7GIF (1991), which I still hold.I joke that it means Got It Finally. I kept the old one for sentimental reasons
My primary station is a Kenwood TS-590, rigblaster Pro, Ameriton AL-572, MFJ manual tuner, dual monitors, keyboard and Bencher key.
The microphone is a Heil PR781 and I also use an AudioTechnica BPHS1 headset while contesting

My Secondary station consists of a Flex 5000 with RX2 with the VHF module.

I also have a Yeasu FT-450, LDG 100 Pro tuner FT-7800 in my truck

Antennas are 80M dipole up at 50 ft fed with ladder line and an Inverted L for 160M. A 4 element 2 m beam for the VHF. I enjoy homebrewing my antennas, looking at building a magnetic loop next

Licensed in 1991, I have only really become active since 2008.

I am employed as the Senior IT Specialist for the City of Powell River.
Completed ARRL Triple Play Award.(Mar 1, 2010) All confirmed on LoTW and I did it barefoot.
I am also a DXCC holder and am working on making the honour roll
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