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Great site and forum.

Don't let the VE6 fool you - my heart is on the coast! I grew up in Alberta, but lived in the Lower Mainland for about 20 years. I'm currently back living in Alberta and got my amateur certification last year. Will be moving to Powell River in about 3 years - plan is set because a residence has already been purchased!

I joined the local radio club in Edmonton (NARC) and have met a few people and learned lots. We participated in the AARL field day a couple of weeks ago.

Looking forward to being in Powell River and continuing the hobby. I know it is a ways away, but the kids are there now and will be visiting a lot prior to the big move. So wanted to reach out and say high. Next time I am in town on a Sunday will join the net.

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Hi Leroy. VE6 SWK

My infor is: email.
Phone. 604 483-3790
I’m pres. Of the powell river club.
If you send me your email I will include you on the mailing list for the monthly newsletter
We are not meeting right now due to the virus
Once the restaurants open again, we will continue our morning coffee at the A&W
At 10am Saturday mornings.
Welcome to powell river.

Lucy VA7 KMB
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