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    This forum has been established as a clearing house for information relating to bad things that happen to all of us. If your radio has been stolen, then by all means list it here. Be sure and include serial numbers or other identifying marks, otherwise don't bother. Make sure the title of your thread is the MODEL NAME of the stolen gear. For example, you could say: STOLEN: Kenwood TM-741A S/n 8890033993

    This is also the place to post info about scams and rip-offs that are or may potentially harm your fellow amateurs. Articles posted here should be limited to rip-offs that demonstrate a pattern of dishonesty, likely to lure more people. This is not the place to report a "deal gone bad" Only those individuals that show a distinct pattern of dishonest behavior will "graduate" to this forum area.

    Also, be aware that libel is a real crime and that if you cause harm to someone by making unsubstantiated claims of dishonesty that you can be held liable for damages. A person's reputation has real value and if you ruin it, then a court may compel you to compensate the injured person for their loss. In other words, you had better have your facts in order before you start hurling accusations, otherwise, it could backfire in your face and you could end up owing the very person you sought to get even with.

    With those depressing words said, Welcome to the new forum!
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